This web page was written to solve a simple problem. When me and my partner needed to choose names for our new baby I wanted us to choose names separately and independently and to then see if we had chosen any names in common without influences each other. This web page is the result.

This site lets you set up a list of names and both you and your partner vote on those names in your own time, this can be done over several sessions or all at once. At any point you can see a report of names that you both liked.

The best way to use the site is to set up a list of names then take it in turns with your partner to log in and score a few hundred names at a time. Alternatively one partner can score all the names they like in a single session, in which case some vetoed names will be added back in (temporarily) so the other person can't tell which names were scored positively.

Try to pick at least one name per page if you want to make sure you get some matches. If you have names that you particularly like (or dislike) then there is an option on the menu page to allow you to type them in upfront. This also allows you to choose from your own list of names.

Please feel welcome to experiment with the web page. If you need to set up multiple user names (e.g. if you forget your password and want to start again) then that's fine.

Feel welcome to send in bug reports and comments.

E-mail questions or comments to