Anomalocaris picture by Meg Anomalocaris fossil photograph by Keith Schengili-Roberts Anomalocaris picture by Arthur Weasley

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Anomalocaris picture by Meg
Anomalocaris picture by Meg
Anomalocaris was a relatively large, carnivorous relative of the arthropods. The lobes at the side were used to propel it through the Cambrian oceans and the appendages around the mouth would have been used to grasp prey, bringing it to the hard circular mouth to be crushed and eaten.

Various parts of anomalocaris were originally identified as belonging to several different animals. The external mouth appendages were misidentified as shrimps, the hard mouthparts were thought to be a jellyfish (Peytoia) and the body thought to be a sponge.

Image source Wikipedia Smithsonian Palaeos