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Essential Genetics (Hartl and Jones)
This is a comprehensive textbook covering most areas of genetics with a reasonable level of detail. The wide subject range and comprehensive glossary and index make this an excellent reference book.

Genetics for Dummies (Tara Rodden Robinson)
The Dummies series are renowned for their simple and readable approach to subjects, and this book is no exception. The basics of genetics are covered with plenty of smple diagrams to help explain the subject.

The Third Chimpanzee (Jared Diamond)
A very readable book covering our divergence from the other great apes. Although it doesn't go very far into the genetics it does cover many of the physical and cultural similarities and differences between humans and chimpanzees.

Web pages

Sumanas Inc.
The Sumanas multimedia company have an excellent narrated animation of meiosis on their web page.

This web site has a very good page on chimpanzee/human divergence and another on the evidence for chromosome 2 fusion in the human lineage.

Dr. Ken Miller on Youtube
The video is a presentation by Dr. Ken Miller summarising the evidence for chromosome 2 being formed by the fusion of two great ape chromosomes. He was an expert witness involved in the well known Dover trial in America.

Uta University - Learning Genetics
Uta University have some very clear animations of meiosis, fertilisation and various karyotype abnormalities such as translocations, deletions, monosomy and trisomy.

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