<contact details>


Date: <date>


Dear Sir/Madam,


On <date & time> received the following unsolicited text message on my phone <number>:


<text contents>

When I replied to that message your company phoned me back. 


This letter is a formal Subject Access Request under the 1998 Data Protection Act which obliges you to:

Please also cease and desist from targeting further marketing at me, or selling any of my personal details.  Further marketing may be responded to with legal action from me.

If you sent out the text directly then under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 sections 22 you can only legally send me adverts if I have previously purchased goods or services from your company, the advert is for similar goods or services,  and I opted in to further adverts from you.   Please provide evidence that this is the case.

If you claim that a third party sent out the text messages adverts then you are obliged to provide me with the full contact details of said third party.  

Note that if you don't comply with this Subject Access Request within 40 days then I will contact the Information Commissioner’s Office and request that they enforce my rights.  I may also submit ASA and ICO complaints regarding your company’s advertising practices.


Yours faithfully,