People who have taken action against SMS spammers and telemarketing companies

The Advertising Standards Authority(ASA) has ruled against Clarity Leads, Cryton and First Financial(UK) for text spamming offenses.
The Information Commissioner's Office(ICO) fined First Financial(UK) £175K and Tetrus Telecoms £440K.
Gordon Dick won a court case against Transcom Internet Services for E-mail spam and was awarded 1368 (including expenses).
Neil Pawson has taken action several telemarketing companies earning £2282.50 in total for Children In Need via so far.
Nigel Roberts won £270 compensation from an E-mail spammer, and runs another site on how to fight back.
Richard Herman settled out of court for £195 from a telemarketing company that ignored the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).
Roddy Mansfield was awarded unspecified damagers after taking John Lewis to court for E-mail spamming.
Steve Higgins earned £750 by taking E-mail spammers to court.